Project Success Incorporated (PSI): Leading a Collaborative Path for Project Completion

CIO VendorClinton M Padgett, President & CEO
Serving in the U.S Navy for six years, Clinton M Padgett spent 12 to 16 hours every day in aircraft carriers, tackling missions of various dimensions. “I came across many different projects, which were both challenging and cumbersome in rigorous conditions,” recalls Padgett. As the President and CEO, Padgett incorporates all this knowledge and practice into Project Success Inc, a project management solutions provider that helps client organizations with the knowledge, skills, systems and tools for effective management of projects. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company serves many enterprises across major sectors like manufacturing, energy, technology and construction; just to name a few, that require timely delivery of projects within the prescribed budget.

Project Success Method readily portrays the project’s requirements, which enable the teams to act accordingly and complete it within the deadline

Project Success solves a major problem with managing projects in today's fast paced world—the daunting task of controlling complex projects consisting of geographically diverse project teams. The ground breaking Project Success Method (PSM) is conceptualized to thoroughly plan and rigorously control the entire project. PSM reflects two faces: one is the practical way of handling the project and the other, an actionable one, which is executed through the solution. The solution enables the entire team with an outright strategy for prompt execution of projects. Through this solution project managers and team members are able to access the project information very easily, which in turn makes controlling and reporting more feasible.
“Project Success Method illustrates the actions and indicates the preferable measures for faster completion of projects,” explains Padgett. PSI is also prominent in mentoring, facilitation, consulting and training personnel to effectively manage projects.

Serving many of the Fortune 500 companies, some for more than 20 years, PSI has gained recognition with their collaborative team-based approach aimed at fulfilling client needs. For instance, PSI was involved with a construction firm to raise a new broadcast center in Buenos Aires. The project teams were spread across three locations in two different countries, which posed a challenge for the client in communicating with the team members. PSI’s Project Success Method was applied to this scenario. With the solution, the client discovered that the critical path of the project was different than previously expected and was able to refocus their efforts on the activities that would actually ensure they complete the project on time. As the teams were scattered, the solution facilitated an easy flow of communication. Implementation of an actionable process, its collaborative nature, and relentless focus on achieving the project deadline led to the project’s ultimate success.

With a proud history of thirty years, PSI follows the path of collaboration prior to tailoring solutions, where they collaborate with clients in order to make their service more valuable and effective. The firm is passionate about its mission of training and teaching people to build an energetic team for effective project accomplishments. Adding to that, PSI is armed with an exceptional team with sound knowledge in project management. “Our team averages 30 years of post-college work experience and more than 15 years actually using the Project Success Method to assist our clients in meeting their project goals. These are the factors that accelerate our growth among competitors in this field,” shares Padgett.

PSI continues to add advanced functionality to its software component, as they focus on meeting the challenges of future endeavors. With a strong U.S. base and global impact, the firm expects to continue assisting clients across the globe in building effective, collaborative project organizations. “Our solution has been honed for more than 30 years and has proven to be effective and beneficial for our clients in the past. We will continue to evolve to ensure that success continues for our clients in the future,” says Padgett.

Project Success Incorporated (PSI)

Atlanta, GA

Clinton M Padgett, President & CEO

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