Workamajig: Simple, User-friendly and Efficient Project Management Solutions for Creative Businesses

CIO VendorRon Ause, VP Sales
Unlike construction, telecom and IT industries that enjoy exaggerated attention and rely on special tools to carry out day-to-day operations, what runs behind the scenes of a creative enterprise is often undervalued. No doubt creative businesses thrive mostly on the efforts and talents of right-brained and innovative thinkers, but they also require well-structure project management tools to meet end goals and secure ingenious outcomes. Workamajig, one of the first web-based, cloud enabled project management system helps meet the transient needs and challenges faced by advertising agencies, design studios, in-house creative departments and public relation firms to deliver results before deadline with available staff and resources.

Launched 12 years ago under the name ‘Creative Manger Pro’, today, Workamajig’s marketing management and advertising software that is compatible with multiple operating systems are used by nearly 3,000 companies including 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Ron Ause, director of marketing at Workamajig, lauds the company’s management and style of functioning as the key reason for it to emerge as a market leader in project management. According to him, the contentment of managing and integrating various departments of its client business like accounting, finance, client service, digital proofing, customer relations and media handling for improved workflow and quality results is similar to climbing up a rocky cliff. “It’s a personal achievement to reach the summit, but you are also tied (literally) to your partner who backs you up and may save your life. At Workamajig you see similar attributes, to reach new heights we empower our employees with everything they need to be enterprising, accomplish business goals and also stand by them like a safety net. We do not micro manage our employees and encourage independent thought and innovation,” says Ause.

Workamajig provides its clients real-time information that helps integrate all departments to ensure smooth flow of projects

In the recent times, many advertising firms deal with huge and complex projects. This in turn has hiked up the demand for efficient project management systems that encompass all solutions required in various faucets of creative firms instead of solely relying on task driven information system. With Workamajig, the humongous task of updating every bit of information, billing, generating reports, changing calendar, production schedules, new bids and media orders can be taken care by just a click of the mouse. Its enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the simplest and most innovative software solutions in the advertising industry that can be accessed and worked on from anywhere and on any device. The software’s most recent version, ‘Workamajig Platinum’ for Creative Users has novel features like automatic updating of time sheets and task status.

“Workamajig is like the central nervous system of an Ad Agency, providing real time and important information across all departments to keep everyone on the same page and the projects flowing smoothly,” adds Ause. With these conveniences, creative enterprises are left with more time to forecast and assess risks to make new and important decisions.

The company routinely invests to ameliorate the efficacy of its existing solutions and find new ways to empower its customers to work on more complex projects on user-friendly interface.

“Workamajig continues to grow and bring in the best resources in the industry. Our current transformation to Workamajig Platinum promises to be the most innovative and easy to use ERP platform ever built,” quotes Ause.


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Ron Ause, VP Sales

Provider for Project Management Solutions in advertising and creative industry with a client base of over 3,000