Project Scheduling Techniques: Probabilistic and Deterministic

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Project Scheduling Techniques: Probabilistic and Deterministic

Project scheduling in Project management is concerned with the techniques that can be employed to manage the activities that need to be undertaken during the development of a project.

Project scheduling techniques encompasses mapping and planning of every phase of a project’s lifecycle from initiation to its’ subsequent completion.

This whitepaper on “Project Scheduling Techniques: Probabilistic and Deterministic,” discusses the scheduling tools and techniques for Project Management. It addresses:

  • A complete overview on Project scheduling and types of project schedule

  • What are the various methods involved in displaying and analyzing project schedules?

  • Which is the most widely used project scheduling technique?

  • What is deterministic scheduling? What is the three-point estimate in deterministic scheduling?

  • What is probabilistic scheduling? How PERT is used to determine the schedule?

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