Bamboo Solutions: Providing Centralized Configuration, Management, and Reporting

CIO VendorAnders Johnsson, CEO
As more project managers and teams are added to the workforce, the role technology plays in optimizing resource management within projects and portfolios has become a critical aspect of project management. Being an industry veteran, Anders Johnsson, CEO of Bamboo Solutions, understands this fact and strives to provide industry-leading technology to help CIOs streamline projects and portfolio management.

Headquartered in Reston, VA, Bamboo Solutions is a leading provider of products and services for Microsoft SharePoint that are not only functionally rich, but also are designed to maximize the customers’ investment in them. Bamboo’s project management solutions layer over an existing SharePoint environment with no additional hardware requirements, and is licensed across the entire farm. This facilitates a more integrated and collaborative project management process across an organization.

Bamboo offers a full complement of services covering installation, configuration, training, and support to help ensure our clients’ success. Though each of Bamboo’s products individually is of value to customers, List Rollup Web Part is one that stands apart and is widely used. The tool can easily aggregate information from multiple SharePoint lists or libraries, even across site collections, and present the resulting rollup in a simple list view.

Underpinned by the corporate philosophy, the ‘Bamboo Way’, Bamboo strives to provide customers with an unparalleled level of care and support. “Our customers benefit from a high-touch experience and ready access to a large pool of SharePoint experts,” says Johnsson. “Our priorities and product development initiatives are driven by customer feedback, so transparency and openness are highly valued at Bamboo,” he reveals. Another advantage of utilizing Bamboo is the low learning curve associated with its products—the familiar interface simplifies user interaction and improves adoption.
Bamboo’s commitment to improving and enriching the user experience is evident in the company’s recent release of Task Master 4.0, an integral part of Bamboo’s Project Management Suite. This new release provides project managers the ability to take project plans that are in Excel and copy them onto the Task Master. This provides an easy way to transition data from Excel into SharePoint. When project managers leverage Task Master’s enhanced user interface, they can have access to a number of enhanced capabilities including the ability to indent/outdent tasks as well as drag and drop tasks to reorganize their project schedule.

Our customers benefit from a high-touch experience and ready access to industry-leading SharePoint experts

As a trusted technology provider, Bamboo has helped many clients, including mid-range companies such as Castle Pines Capital (CPC) and some of the Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Disney, Verizon, FedEx, and Whirlpool to improve project management, streamline processes, and fill in SharePoint’s gaps. For instance, CPC, one of Bamboo’s clients, uses Microsoft SharePoint Server as their web portal infrastructure and relies heavily on Bamboo Web Parts to deliver high-quality graphical data representations. The client is specifically a big proponent of Bamboo Chart Plus. “Bamboo Chart Plus helps us easily convert a large amount of data into useful charts for instant decision making by our customers,” says Armand Brunelle, Senior Vice President of Technology at CPC. The client has also deployed Bamboo’s Knowledge Base application to share knowledge within various departments and across the company. The Bamboo Project Management Suite has allowed the CPC tech group to communicate the status of active projects via their CPC intranet.

“Moving ahead, Bamboo aims to continue to deliver great products and services that are relevant and practical to the customers’ personal and business needs and operations,” claims Johnsson. For this, the company strives to be in sync with the customers and plans to closely monitor SharePoint trends.

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Anders Johnsson, CEO

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