ISU: Timely, Agile and Tech Savvy Solutions to Deliver Projects on Time

CIO VendorDavid Mansilla, Founder & CEO
Regardless of the size of business, companies in various sectors need efficient project management process and software to flawlessly carryout their operations and deliver desired outcomes to their clients on time. But, not every enterprise is well-equipped to forecast contingencies that mostly end up escalating the financial burden as well as postponing the completion of projects. These hounding challenges leave CIOs at great pressure to tightly manage budget, time and resources and also ensure that every venture is executed without delays or risk to the overall business objective. “Using ISU Corporations’ Unified Project Management solutions, companies can stay updated about the project processes and workflow by receiving reporting and analytics at the right time,” says David Mansilla, the founder and CEO of ISU Corp, a provider of innovative software development and consulting services in project management environment.

Based in Waterloo, Southern Ontario, ISU Corp is run by a team of experts who have many years of experience in the field of technology. The company has partnered with organizations in many verticals including the food industry, finance, stock market, retail, education, medicine, chemical science and satellite data processing. Amid common trends like extensive utilization of mobile, social crowding and cloud technologies, the company’s vision is set beyond the spectrum of intranet communications. Its recent products such as HubCorporate throws light on Enterprise Networking and crowd sourcing that are solely focused on project portfolio management. ISU’s Enterprise Social Network creates conversations online, but most importantly promotes and document project activities on a daily basis. The solutions and products are based on Agile Scrum methodology and customized to help strengthen interaction between the employees and enterprise even when they are outside the office setting by scrum chat or instant messaging.
“Our idea is to use all emerging technology in project management solutions that adapt fast enough, so that enterprises get the full advantage of it without jeopardizing security. This attributes to client’s overall improvement in performance by 25 percent, significant increase in ROI and cost reduction. At ISU, we believe in not just adding economic value but also the human value to companies and clients to aid them to the next level,” remarks Mansilla who believes a lion's share of ISU’s success is the outcome of establishing healthy relationships with clients.

Clients who implemented ISU Unified PM solution achieved higher levels of transparency, agility, visibility and efficiency during the project lifecycle alongside 25 percent of total budget savings on human and non-human resources. Companies like General Electric Energy use ISU’s solutions to effectuate their business interfaces for HTML5 with the help of reliable project management practice. “We created HTML5 elements to match their needs and also a prototype that showed all the metrics of the control of the power flow management. We delivered the solution incrementally, demonstrated new capabilities on technology, process and project management and also accomplished objectives within the budget and time limit,” says Mansilla. Similar results were noticed by some of ISU’s other customers like OTIP, Heinz and Maxxam Analytics. Adding to it, ISU’s software development services is most sought-after solutions owing its lucrative benefits like increased returns on investment and cost control. These services also enable at risk businesses to recuperate and help clients get back on track.

Unlike its competitors, ISU derives its unique stature as a tech-savvy PMO solution provider by leveraging technology and incorporating most recent changes in all its services. In the future the company is estimated to move its entire infrastructure on cloud platform due to its indisputable benefits on client’s business.

ISU Corp

Waterloo, ON

David Mansilla, Founder & CEO

Provider of Unified project management solution to add transparency, agility, visibility and efficiency during project lifecycle delivering outcomes within budget and schedule