Rommana Software: Transforming the Project Management Lifecycle Process

CIO VendorMagdy Hanna, CEO and Chief Architect
Magdy Hanna, CEO and Chief Architect of Rommana Software believes in engineering perfection—the key skill that helped him envision Rommana Software. “Engineering is about perfection; we analyze, calculate, plan, and design the process to make a project successful. I have adopted the engineering discipline and the engineering mindset to build Rommana ALM and the methodologies behind it,” says Hanna. Today, Rommana Software specializes in offering a comprehensive fully integrated Application Lifecycle Management system with robust methodologies that cover every aspect a project lifecycle.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps manage the design, construction, testing, and maintenance of software systems. One of the key components of ALM is Project management, which helps to track, update, and store information on multifaceted projects with a few clicks. Rommana ALM is not just a project management tool; it is a fully integrated application lifecycle management system that connects project management with all other project artifacts and activities. Unlike other Project Management Tools, Rommana ALM uses patent-pending Feature-Based Project Management approach that helps project managers manage projects while focusing on features being delivered to the customer. Current project management industry focuses on tasks, as the most critical components of a project, which Hanna feels is not a healthy trend. Hanna also believes in seamless treatment of agile and non-agile projects. “There seems to be a separation between managing agile and non-agile projects. The project management activities must be around features to create seamless view of the entire process,” explains Hanna. Another major challenge is the ability to trace all project entities like features, tasks, risks, actions, tests, issues, and documents.

Rommana Software overcomes these challenges by providing a fully integrated web-based ALM system that covers every aspect of a project and it costs much less than a typical point solution tools that covers only one lifecycle phase. “Our tool has seamless ability to capture and manage requirements across the project lifecycle with 100 percent traceability, from needs analysis to test cases and scripts, to implementation and defect management,” says Hanna.

Our tool has seamless ability to capture and manage requirements across the project lifecycle with 100 percent traceability

“The reason Rommana ALM is able to provide this unmatched traceability is because all components of Rommana ALM use one common repository and one common user interface.” The company strongly deems in understanding the customers’ needs and customizing the features of the tool accordingly for efficient development and deployment process. Rommana ALM also provides complete support of Requirement Management, Test Management, Use Case Management, Issue Management, Change Management, Release Management and Iteration Management, Collaboration Management, and Document Management, all integrated in one simple web-based tool.

Interestingly, Rommana ALM also has a free version, which can be used by five users. On the other hand, the Rommana ALM Global (for purchase) supports an unlimited number of users and projects and a much broader feature set. Rommana can also be implemented in a private cloud so enterprises can apply their own security and privacy measures.

Rommana Software has been successful in providing its solution to more than 550 companies worldwide. Hanna also considers Rommana’s comprehensive feature set, unmatched traceability, intuitive user interface, and strong software engineering methodology as their key strengths. This has won the company several accolades including the ‘Best ALM Tool’, ‘Best Requirement Management Tool’, and the ‘Best Cloud Solution’ presented by RQX Global. In the light of these accomplishments, Hanna foresees a bright future for Rommana Software. “Our vision is to become the most preferred ALM tool. We will continue to work towards that,” concludes Hanna.


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Magdy Hanna, CEO and Chief Architect

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