Triskell Software: Providing Flexible, Powerful and User-Friendly PPM Solutions

CIO VendorPhilippe Menereuilt, CEO
With years of experience in project management landscape, Philippe Menereuilt, CEO, Triskell Software, feels that information sharing has become crucial for the companies, as the customers demand access and ability to share information quickly from everywhere. Realizing this need, Menereuilt founded Triskell software, a company that allows enterprises to manage all perspectives of their business like projects, products, risks, works, and resources through its superior project management solution. “Highly customizable and intuitive, Triskell is the only EPM software offering a unique platform that offers all the capability, flexibility, performance and security required by business collaborators to share a common vision of the company strategy and on-going business,” says Philippe.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Triskell capitalizes on its long-term experience in company-wide Portfolio Management Solutions supplemented with functional and technological skills. “We want to provide our customers with the most adapted, flexible, powerful and user-friendly project portfolio management solution on the SaaS market today, most importantly, at the right price,” notes Philippe. The company’s solution comes with enterprise grade feature set including full web Gantt chart multiple modes for assignment, multi-baseline, auto progress, and timesheet roll up. Triskell software also provides agile scrum board that helps assignment of objects to resources, moves and resizes objects, graphical progress and advanced filtering. “Our company offers customers all the elasticity and all the capabilities to break down any business strategy into multiple portfolios and organizations,” adds Philippe.

Triskell cloud platform is the smartest alternative to traditional project portfolio management solutions as it is far cheaper and easier to implement. It provides increased ROI, by not just devoting the efforts and costs to configure, but also customizing and integrating the solution with the company’s Information System.
The software ensures complete privacy and guarantees the confidentiality of data through several security layers. The Trsikell cloud also includes intrusion detection, load testing, load balancing on application servers and disaster recovery plan in case of server critical error. “Access to information is controlled by strict security procedures. Only a few Triskell Software’s employees can access customer information and data for support and issue analysis purposes. This implies a customer agreement for us to do so,” utters Philippe.

The company delivers incremental enhancements and new capabilities to its customers to meet their unique needs. BancoPine, a corporate bank that was having problems in managing reporting and decision making. Triskell provided them with a unified view of the Project Portfolio management and helped the company to manage their reports and enhance decision making. Recently Triskell also offered SaaS model to Biosurfit. This allowed the client to have access to information and knowledge anytime and anywhere. “Using Triskell, we avoid integration problems with any tool in our company and we reduced our internal costs of systems maintenance,” says Daniel Neves, CMO, Biosurfit, another client that benefited from Triskell’s solutions.

“All our solutions we have are fundamentally based on the same logic, concepts and principles. Above all, they all share the same needs in terms of management processes, core capabilities, usability, and outputs,” explains Philippe. “What makes us different is our unique architecture—it is very flexible and has the capability to address business needs that no other solutions can. Ultimately, what most of the customers want is to manage simply and efficiently in a single solution assorted objects like portfolios, projects, maintenances, products, applications, investments, resources, and more in a single solution. We successfully help our clients with these assorted objects,” he adds.

Going forward, the company is planning to invent more innovative products for the PPM market. “We would like to have more business dedication and excellence with strong people. Our company is planning to have more strong people. I want my employees to be the watchdog to make sure the customers get what they want,” concludes Philippe.

Triskell Software

Miami, Fl

Philippe Menereuilt, CEO

A company that allows enterprises to manage all the perspectives of their Business through heterogeneous portfolios and multiple organizations within the same solution