Worksoft: Using Automation to Improve the Predictability of IT Project Portfolios

CIO VendorJim Kent, CEO
Project managers face an explosion in the number of enterprise system projects - and their importance to business operations has never been greater. According to SAP®, large companies have about 50 enterprise applications for every billion dollars in sales. Every change, upgrade, and new technology necessitates another project for the CIO. So how can CIOs handle the pace and volume of changes across an enormous portfolio of IT projects that they deliver every year? That’s where Worksoft comes in. Worksoft automation accelerates every enterprise system project in your portfolio, improves predictability, and helps reduce growing project backlogs. In other words, it helps companies get the latest technology into the hands of business users faster.

“The industry as a whole is moving toward automation to validate systems and business processes,” notes Jim Kent, CEO of Worksoft. Business Process Validation (BPV) is essential for every project to ensure that all enterprise systems and interfaces work seamlessly together every time. “When technologies change, processes need to be tested and checked from start to finish. We know that’s not simple because the systems and software that make businesses work are complex and changing all the time,” conveys Kent.

Automation is becoming the new industry standard to validate end-to-end business processes and their underlying enterprise systems. For project managers, the benefits are enormous.

Using Worksoft’s automation platform can lead to faster projects, shorter timelines, and accelerated test cycles across every enterprise system project in the portfolio.
This means faster deployment of innovation to the business and a shorter project backlog. It lowers cost and raises staff efficiency because automation replaces costly manual efforts in quality assurance.

“For portfolio managers, automation makes every project more predictable both in terms of cost and time, because it minimizes human factors. It also eliminates the uncertainty caused by system defects, because automation identifies more problems earlier – when they are cheaper and easier to resolve. When each project is more predictable, the whole portfolio of projects becomes more predictable and easier to manage. It’s really about eliminating surprises for the business,” says Kent.

Worksoft Certify® software automates the functional testing of mission-critical business processes end-to-end across com¬plex application landscapes, including SAP and non-SAP enterprise applications, web and mobile apps, and hybrid cloud environments. Many Fortune 1000 companies are now validating hundreds of business processes with Worksoft and using it daily for quality assurance. In fact, industry analyst firm IDC surveyed major global Worksoft customers who use SAP and documented an average net present value in excess of $11 million. Customers are also accelerating enterprise system projects by 5.3 weeks, on average!

By identifying system and process is¬sues before the business is impacted, users and enterprises benefit from less customer and business disruption due to system problems. The bottom line is that automation serves to accelerate IT projects and at the same time strengthens quality assurance. These help ensure project success, boost predictability, and streamline project portfolio management.

“New technologies like SAP HANA, mobility, and the cloud offer enormous potential. To get these to the business user as quickly as possible, companies need to accelerate the delivery of a huge portfolio of technology projects every year. Companies who figure that out will have a competitive edge–and Worksoft can help them achieve it,” concludes Kent.


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Jim Kent, CEO

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