Infionic: A Seamless Solution for Efficient Project Management Operations

With a significant increase in the number of cloud-based solutions and smart devices, business operations have become incredibly effortless and fast-paced. Consequently, it has become mandatory for companies to deliver quality products and services, on time. However, delivering high-quality goods requires meticulous scheduling and mapping processes even before the initiation of the project. It has been observed that companies which engage in manual project management often make mistakes due to improper cost evaluation and deficient project mapping. To bridge this gap, Infionic, an enterprise product company, is focused on linking cross-functional data seamlessly across projects for quicker decision-making and simplifying processes. “Our holistic solution is focused on project, program, and portfolio management for evaluating and determining the realistic cost of a project through man, machine and material management” says Subramanyam S.P. (Subbu), Founder and CEO, Infionic.

Our holistic solution is focused on project, program, and portfolio management for evaluating and determining the realistic cost of a project through man, machine and material management

Since its inception in 2006, the New York City, NY based company has transformed organizations into being transparent and technology-driven in all their business processes. Infionic’s flagship product, Infionic One, is a suite of web-based enterprise software that flawlessly gathers, connects, and reports information across all functions within an organization to competently map future endeavors. The product facilitates fast, realistic, and data driven decision making processes for providing apt information to clients instantaneously. Infionic One is a combination of four integrated tools—Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Project and Portfolio Management, and Human Resource Management. These tools enable end-users to perform vital tasks such as budgeting, project management, contract management, inventory management, R&D and several other functions that help in supervising an ongoing project. In addition, the firm offers solutions on multiple platforms—on-premise, cloud, and mobile—depending on the customer’s preference. “Infionic One increases transparency, improves operational efficiency and provides a holistic view of business operations,” affirms Subbu.
Subramanyam S.P., Founder and CEO
With a vision to streamline information for delivering real time visibility, Infionic has helped clients from numerous industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and professional service automation.

“Leveraging the utilities of Infionic’s product, manufacturing companies can perform a 12 hour scheduling activity in less than five minutes,” elucidates Subbu. For instance, a leading consumer goods manufacturer was setting up manufacturing plants in Asia but struggled to manage the relevant project data. The assigned plant managers used individual Microsoft Project plans which proved futile in tackling the various functions related to project administration. Moreover, risk management was also performed manually, making it unfeasible to get an accurate evaluation.

After the client implemented Infionic’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), proactive decision making became simpler which drastically reduced delays in scheduling, improved planning capabilities, and enhanced risk management. Additionally, communication and coordination also improved radically and stakeholders from various geographic locations were able to track all the current activities related to the project. Infionic, with its distinct expertise in the project management landscape handles all the aspects of task administration to absolute perfection. One of the exclusive aspects of the company according to Subbu is their well versed team of domain experts who perform in-house testing before deploying any product. Each Infionic product is assessed on the basis of three essential factors—Optimization, Flexibility, and Usability—to ensure a successful implementation.

Infionic is completely focused on being a leading end-toend enterprise software provider for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and a pure project and program management provider for large companies. Moving ahead, the company wants to expand geographically, especially in Europe and the U.S. markets. “In the next six to nine months, we aspire to become a leader of SaaS project management solutions and also make it affordable for small companies even if it is a one-time investment,” concludes Subbu.


New York City, NY

Subramanyam S.P., Founder and CEO

Provider of web-based enterprise software that links cross-functional data seamlessly across projects for making quicker decisions and simplifying the process