ISU Corp: Next Generation Solutions for Effective Project Communication

David Mansilla, Founder and CEO
Efficient planning is the key factor behind a project’s success. Most IT projects fail due to the dearth of communication among the team members, sponsors, and project managers. In order to bridge this gap in the communication process, an organization requires a set of structured rules, processes, and software tools to effectively plan and manage projects. “Our project management, communication and collaboration solutions provide complete transparency into the lifecycle of a project,” says David Mansilla, Founder and CEO, ISU Corp. Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, the firm helps customers bring in agility, visibility, and efficiency into project planning and execution processes.

ISU Corp’s project tools, IS Unified and, minimizes the project communication obstacles. “The IS Unified platform enables instant view of current status of their project by maintaining efficient communication between team members who are spread across the world, but associated with the same project,” says Mansilla. IS Unified in conjunction with a cloudbased solution,, reduces project challenges. “Our newly developed collaboration solution is making a huge impact on our clients by streamlining project communication,” says Mansilla.

Customers adopting the platform will be able to facilitate and collaborate with team members belonging to different corporations under one roof. “We at ISU Corp, solidify and facilitate our customer’s project in order to make it a complete success,” says Mansilla.

IS Unified and creates balance in managing a project by regularly tracking every activity occurring in and across a project. Unlike other project management firms, ISU Corp’s tool keeps a record of every task performed by a team member in order to create transparency in the project. This unique process helps stakeholders monitor their task details and the entire project lifecycle. Time tracking being a key aspect of IS Unified, helps organizations readily access critical information to address and reduce errors occurring in a project. “These are the secrets of our success to efficiently deliver projects on time and within the estimated budget,” mentions Mansilla.
Being a customer-centric firm, ISU Corp is on a mission to improve their customer’s business through professional software application development and consultancy. One of ISU Corp’s software development customers had a major project management problem and decided to adopt the combination of IS Unified and HubCorporate. Within six months of its implementation, the customer unlike before was able to enhance project communication and develop their software projects on time.

The powerful combination of IS Unified and platfrom enables customers to track the project status and monitor team members globally, associate with the same project

ISU Corp’s key differentiating factor lies in their ability to implement successful strategies learned from their previous projects. Being a global organization, ISU Corp considers its combined solution as its biggest innovation in ensuing efficient project communication. “Through our software application development and consultancy, we have successfully created a next generation communication tool using the latest trends and leveraging cloud and mobile technologies. These aspects are keeping us at the leading edge of the software development industry,” explains Mansilla.

With over 10 years of experience and a wide variety of technologies, ISU Corp is aiming at embedding new strategies and technologies in order to bring more efficiency to the project management lifecycle. “We are now focusing on getting people from across different boundaries to work and communicate with each other in order to develop a cost-effective project management process,” concludes Mansilla.

ISU Corp

Waterloo, Canada

David Mansilla, Founder and CEO

Delivers project solutions and provides software application development and consultancy to organizations creating maximum return on investment.