Kanbanize: Kanban Software that Enhances Project Management Operations

Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO and Co-founder
After acquiring years of experience as a project manager, Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO, BusinessMap (Kanbanize), expressed his discontent over the unavailability of superior software solutions that enable effective project management. He believes that traditional methods of enterprise administration are particularly inefficient and inept for precise workflow supervision, which only Kanban can deliver. Additionally, most of today’s project management solutions are either too convoluted to maneuver or lack the critical functionalities necessary to perform tasks adroitly—impeding the ability of businesses to expertly control time-sensitive assignments and processes. Out of the sheer necessity to eradicate legacy techniques, Karaivanov developed Kanbanize to provide clients the collaboration, consistency, and efficacy required to administer various project management activities. “Kanbanize delivers an arsenal of metrics and process automation tools to help mangers steer a project in the right direction,” says Karaivanov.

Since its inception in 2008, the Boulder, CO based company has been on a mission to empower companies to perform multifaceted project management tasks competently. Kanbanize is a combination of flexible Kanban boards, powerful analytics, and run-time policies for apt process automation. Every project running in Kanbanize consists of multiple Kanban boards—a virtually shared space to visualize, assign, and modify workflow within seconds, enabling total control over projects or tasks. Utilizing these boards, organizations can adeptly keep track of R&D, financial, and marketing operations. From a features perspective, Kanbanize facilitates various characteristics such as managing card links, time tracking, email integration, and APIs. “Kanbanize supports role-based access, templates, and customizable fields on cards to divide a large project into smaller work items using mirror links,” explains Karaivanov.

In terms of collaborative functions, Kanbanize is the only visual resource management tool that offers built-in-video conferencing features, allowing sales and marketing teams of an organization to track their activity directly via Kanban boards. Another key function of this Kanban software is email integration, allowing everyone in an organization to create or assign tasks by forwarding an email to the desired address.
Besides, Kanbanize assists clients directly from their systems using a visual Kanban board to monitor operations by collecting essential metrics. In addition, the runtime policy module of Kanbanize is an advanced way to program the system and automatically manage important business processes.

With a vision to streamline workflow management, Kanbanize has helped many clients ranging from personal Kanban users to enterprises in the Fortune 500. For instance, Adeel Mirza, head of human resources department at StarLink, faced considerable problems while managing and assigning tasks among his teammates. After setting up Kanbanize, Mirza was able to schedule and allot tasks effortlessly, while tracking each team member. “Kanbanize has helped StarLink to gain enhanced visibility into all their important business processes,” says Karaivanov.

“Kanbanize delivers an arsenal of metrics and process automation tools to help mangers steer a project in the right direction”

With distinct expertise in Kanban software and project management landscape, Karaivanov and his team rationalize all aspects of task management to help clients achieve unmatched results. One of the important ideologies of the company is to constantly innovate, refine, and improve Kanbanize to help businesses rapidly implement lean principles for project optimization. The company recently launched a new version of its product—Kanbanize 4.9 which offers criteria defined graphics search, calendar-based activity tracking, an advanced task notification panel, and a new archive panel. Moving ahead, Karaivanov has plans to release another innovative Kanban product by 2016 which will offer the best possible data insights in real-time by leveraging big data and enhanced data analytics.


Boulder, CO

Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO and Co-founder

Provider of flexible Kanban boards, powerful analytics, and run-time policies to efficiently administer various project management activities