Linium: Comprehensive View in Project Management

Dave Howard, CIO
For growth-focused companies,each new project is about taking the business to the next level. CIOs are faced with the challenge of managing day-to-day realities while keeping projects aligned with business goals. If a CIO does not have the proper solution to handle Project Management, new projects can result in chaos and inefficiencies, including high costs and a lack of necessary resources. Bridging the gap is Linium. “We help CIOs leverage the benefits of project management to lay the foundation for new business growth while getting finance and reporting in alignment,” says Joe Burke, CEO, Linium.

Linium’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Solutions help CIOs monitor, track and manager projects from the initial phase to the project execution. The solutions enhance the value of a customer’s project management by providing visibility into current projects and a comprehensive view of resource demand, establishing project tracking using dashboards to keep project teams informed, on-time, and within budget, and proactively using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor business performance and direct the focus on high priority issues that require immediate attention. “An important aspect of the solutions we provide is giving our customers the ability to automatically take advantage of all information available across the enterprise. We help implement a single source of record that establishes a simplified, team-oriented approach to Project Management,” says Dave Howard, CIO, Linium.

Linium’s solutions allow customers to track all stages of the project lifecycles – from proposing a project to project execution, to changes, requests, workflow, and automation – all of the information is in the hands of the end-users anytime,anywhere.With a customer centric approach, Linium focuses on listening to its clients and their needs and continuously creating and offering new solutions that push the envelope.
One of Linium’s main objectives in working with clients is to help them gain tangible efficiencies in operations, not just in IT and Finance, but throughout the enterprise. In one instance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ), a large health services corporation, approached Linium to replace its legacy system. With Linium’s solutions, Horizon BCBSNJ leveraged the power of the ServiceNow platform to implement a fully automated self-service catalog which streamlines the delivery of enterprise services – empowering the business and users to conduct business anywhere, anytime via an amazon-like experience.By implementing ServiceNow as their frontend catalog, the company as able to reduce its call volume by 30 percent, reduce the request fulfillment cycle by 15 percent, and realize a 50 percent reduction of data entry duration. Most importantly, Horizon BCBSNJ changed the perception of IT’s capability to deliver services in more efficient manner, garnering an increase in customer satisfaction. With the first phase of this project in place, the stage has been set for Horizon BCBS to extend its service catalog beyond IT and incorporate services from other business units to further streamline requests.

Additionally, Linium’s financial management solution aids in tracking and reporting on expenses across an organization as well as reconciling data through allocation engines. Linium also offers Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service to many financial institutions to help in budgeting and other project management services.
Joe Burke, CEO
An exciting anticipated rollout of Linium’s Managed Service Provider for custom applications and business critical integrations is set to launch in the nearterm. Linium is also looking to extend its investment in mobility and are working to build the next generation of enterprise service and performance management.


New York, NY

Dave Howard, CIO and Joe Burke, CEO

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