Viewpath: Transforming Project Management with Seamless Integration

Dean Carlson, Founder and CEO
In recent years, numerous apps have surfaced in the project management arena. The landscape is sprinkled with light-duty applications, primarily catering to small groups working ad hoc. On the other hand, there is a significant shortage of robust solutions specifically designed for project management in global enterprises. For organizations keen on replacing legacy systems, Viewpath delivers new-generation online tools for large enterprises wanting to simplify project collaboration among multiple time zones and languages. Since there are similar challenges in all types of organizations, Viewpath’s solutions have also been attractive to many Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). The founding CEO of Viewpath, Dean Carlson, attributes this to the “well-designed solution with a layered feature stack that appeals to people across the project management spectrum.”

Viewpath was created with a usability-driven design philosophy to let users easily collaborate with anyone, in any organization. “Although Viewpath has many advanced capabilities, we’re constantly on an ease-of-use mission to streamline online access to project information at any level. We developed a usability yardstick so a new user can learn 90 percent of basic features in 90 minutes or less,” states Carlson. Due to Viewpath’s visual process of managing projects with interactive tools and dashboards, communication among departments drastically improves, and teams can easily test “what-if-scenarios” in scheduling activities and resources. Viewpath has also developed its architecture for the growing influence of big data and heavy payload demands on web services to quickly update interactive graphics on complex scheduling data in large project portfolios.

Over the past few years, a convergence of fast bandwidth, high-performance browsers and cloud platforms has been an inflection point. The flexibility and scalability of Viewpath’s proven solutions are making large enterprises comfortable in moving project teams to the cloud. Additionally, organizations like Viewpath’s feature-rich tools which support both Gantt and Agile practices. The design simplifies cross-project reporting and portfolio management because customers no longer need to divide projects into team-specific silos. Teams just switch between Gantt and Agile views as a user preference.
To extend Viewpath’s crossdepartmental solutions, customers have plug-and-play integration and single-signon with popular applications such as Google Drive and Salesforce. A common integration use case is syncing a team’s project milestones, in the Viewpath application, with Google Calendar(s). Enterprises using Salesforce often leverage Viewpath’s integrated solution with predefined templates, and automated workflow triggers to manage customer onboarding and implementations, along with having visibility to key project details and revenue recognition on Salesforce dashboards. In addition, Viewpath is incorporating the latest HTML5 technologies to provide customizable views which auto-adjust to the size of any user’s smartphone or tablet.

Well-designed solution with a layered feature stack that appeals to people across the project management spectrum

Viewpath solutions are used on many IT projects, and in new interesting ways. For example, Logitech has used Viewpath for over two years in managing their fastpaced product pipeline and communication within their global supply chain. Another large enterprise, a medical equipment company, deployed Viewpath’s solution to continually coordinate schedules, resources, and budgets on installations of its sophisticated medical equipment in countries around the world.

Viewpath clearly sees that organizations are heading towards more interoperability between evolving web applications and back office system. This presents many future opportunities for Viewpath to use its enterprise-class architecture and powerful Application Programing Interface (API) to extend solutions integration into complimentary areas such as accounting applications.

Surging ahead optimistically, Viewpath “is leading the way in giving organizations easy-to-use online tools that align project tasks, budgets and resources in one complete picture,” concludes Carlson emphatically.


Bellevue, WA

Dean Carlson, Founder and CEO

Provides comprehensive project management solutions with a unique feature design that simplifies project workflow and team collaboration at all levels of the organization.