Atlassian [NASDAQ: TEAM]: Teaming up for Agility

Scott Farquhar, Co-Founder & Co-CEO Large corporations and manufacturers in their pursuit to achieve pre-defined goals and objectives often believe in practices that open up limitless possibilities, strengthening their capabilities to thwart major impediments during project execution. Although the idea ‘anything is possible’ is often perceived to be clichéd, Atlassian brings in this assurance to its customers by translating their project management objectives into reality. As an illustration of the firm’s capacity to enable agile project management methodologies and a preamble to its core business value ‘play as a team’, Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian [NASDAQ:TEAM] highlights a case study. Tesla—the automotive and energy storage company that etched out a name for finding an alternative to fossil fuel consumption, encountered few technical challenges related to designing a product which is as complex as that of a vehicle itself. “All companies fit into one of two buckets—either becoming a software company or being disrupted by one. Every industry is being fundamentally altered by software,” continues Cannon-Brookes.

Atlassian works toward empowering developers to build great software while helping them gain the understanding that a highly effective team effort aids all teams better organize, collaborate, and communicate. By enabling teams to manage and change software chains from product through release, Atlassian’s cutting-edge products and custom-integration services help companies like Tesla to facilitate communication within their teams to make sure the connections are made clear, back logs are addressed and loops closed. Today, with 1,400 Atlassians in six locations across the globe, the firm powers the global software development teams to adopt, install, customize, migrate or integrate complex workflows to proffer simple, integrated solutions. “All of our products help solve a fundamental problem,” says Cannon-Brookes.

‘Great Software Begins with Great Planning’

Built for every member of the software team to plan, track, and release great software, Atlassian’s software development tool, JIRA offers an unconventional level of transparency to the development teams’ works by bringing them to the same page. Irrespective of whether the software development teams work in scrum, kanban board or mixed technologies, JIRA can be integrated with any tool they are currently using by leveraging its robust set of APIs. JIRA software also ensures the access to more than a dozen out-of-the box reports with real-time, actionable insights into team performance. Moreover, the software allows teams to groom huge backlogs with multi-select ranking, order user stories and bugs by dragging and dropping issues. Users can also filter with JIRA software’s flexible search to find a particular user story or a bug. To sum it up, JIRA is the outcome of one more of the company’s belief—great software begins with great planning. Since the solution has been built with flexible planning capabilities for software teams of every shape and size, its continuous deployment is a part of every team’s DNA.

Atlassian works toward empowering developers to build great software while helping them gain the understanding that a highly effective team effort aids all teams better organize, collaborate, and communicate

Team Up to Create What’s Next

To advance the power of collaboration, the planning, tracking and supporting software—JIRA is categorized into JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Core, and Portfolio for JIRA. JIRA Service Desk makes it easy to request for help, and track progress on issues. If a software team already has JIRA software installed, users can connect IT tickets to the development team’s backlog. By helping firms gain visibility into the metrics that matter to the business, the JIRA Service Desk improves performance by identifying bottlenecks before they are bound to happen.

Built on the power of JIRA, and designed for IT, JIRA Service Desk delivers incident, change, and problem management, in an out of the box manner. The software is not only easy to use service portal but also provides answers to all customer queries. On the other hand, JIRA Core helps in customizing templates to manage simple tasks and complex projects. This offering also capacitates users to leverage on search tools to find specific answers of tasks and due dates. Furthermore, it can be accessed across business verticals and not just IT. “The biggest thing we’re working on is proving that our model doesn’t just work for technical people,” explains Cannon-Brookes. Lastly, Portfolio for JIRA is an agile tool to plan, forecast, and make informed decisions about release dates and schedules.

Atlassian suite also comprises of HipChat and BitBucket—a place for developers to share code. While each of these can be customized based on business requirements of the customers, there are umpteen addons for the software. For instance, Portfolio of JIRA enables the team to have a holistic view of all the teams including the work status. In an example, Rosetta Stone, a language learning technology company was seeking to trounce an issue of working simultaneously with multiple stakeholders—product managers, program managers, and engineering teams. With JIRA software and portfolio of JIRA, the client was able to work with a single tool that facilitated every aspect of communication between the teams and the stakeholders.

Unleashing a New Potential of Creativity

Owing to the unique prowess of the JIRA software in unleashing the potential in every team firms around the world rely on Atlassian to improve software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality. “Rather than focusing on Fortune 500, Atlassian focuses on the ‘Fortune 500,000,” beams Cannon-Brookes. “We helped the engineering teams at NASA land the rover on Mars; the non-profit Code.Org teach students to learn programming; and IT teams of the Daily Telegraph to ship newspapers to over two million reads,” proclaims Scott Farquhar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Atlassian.
Once, the Jet Population Laboratory (JPL), a part of NASA, was bogged down by certain problems that restrict efficient mission planning, parsing raw data sent from space, and compiling visual maps to represent an explorer’s progress. To help in bringing collaborative approach to these tasks and tackle high-stakes issues across disparate geographical areas, a product called Ensemble was created. “However, we needed an infrastructure to let us develop it efficiently and we turned to Atlasian, for assistance,” recalls Dave Mittman, Lead Software Developer, JPL. Ensemble was able to accomplish the client’s mission by using JIRA that helped them stay on the same page with projects, and requirements. “The Atlassian ecosystem is a big benefit for a team like ours that’s collaborating across geographical locations,” says Mittman.

"Our priority is innovation along the customer purchasing experience in a volume-based go-to-market"

Winning over these accounts without hiring a large sales team, “We’re proving that trust, transparency, empathy, and collaboration are the currency of the modern workplace. With a growing team of developers, designers, customer support engineers, accountants and recruiters, we are talented, dedicated, and together we’re building something that we’re proud of,” explains Farquhar.

Simplifying Work across Devices, Offices and Time Zones

With a significant emphasis on team work and spirit, Atlassian also focuses on productivity, innovation, and research and development (R&D) that become a part of the firm’s competitive advantage. Atlassian has zeroed in on building highly innovative and desirable products that sell themselves, creating a large ecosystem of third party add-ons, thereby enriching core capabilities. Additionally, the company supports the more flexible deployment choice for customers—offering the firm’s products both as SaaS or server instances that companies can install and manage inside their own data centers.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

“Our priority is innovation along the customer purchasing experience in a volume-based go-to-market. The results of these investments are evident in the number of customers we manage on a daily basis,” Farquhar says. Investing in easy-to-use products created with heart and balance and an online e-commerce experience that entitles customers to get started in minutes further adds credence to Atlassian’s goal to make the entire customer experience simple and delightful. “Our lofty, long-term goals helps keep the team focused on improving the products. It changes the way we think, it changes the way we win,” he concludes.


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