EPMA: Transforming Business with Simplified Project Management

Michael Samadi, Founder & CEO
Amid increasing competition, enterprises are leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of being the most innovative, while staying profitable. The ability to successfully execute the right projects and effectively manage the workforce is crucial to their continued advancement. However, implementing this business model comes with significant hurdles due to project and resource visibility, data consolidation, time, and ultimately cost. To overcome this, organizations seek an enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution to ensure projects are completed within scope and on budget, resources are efficiently utilized, and their Return on Investment (ROI) is quickly realized. “By harnessing the power of Cloud, we enable organizations to bring visibility into their project portfolio and manage the resources in a structured and collaborative manner, without high deployment costs, long timelines, or burdensome change management initiatives,” says Michael Samadi, Founder and CEO, EPMA. “In fact, most organizations see an ROI within 4 months.” Partnering with organizations to better manage projects, EPMA—a Microsoft Gold Certified PPM Partner—offers a solution to simplify how work and people are managed to streamline processes and enable better decision making.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, EPMA has quickly become one of Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. EPMA’s Proactive Project Management eXperience (PPMX) is a comprehensive SaaS solution that leverages the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server, yet simplifies the user experience yielding much higher adoption rates. With an intuitive mobile interface, along with built-in reports and dashboards, PPMX provides real-time information encouraging project managers to be more proactive and allowing stakeholders to make informed business decisions. EPMA collaborates with team members, project participants, and business decision makers to best align the technology to the organization’s business strategy and processes, thus providing a solution that supports, rather than disrupts, the business.

Time and time again organizations invest a significant amount of time and money to implement PPM solutions that result in failure due to inaccuracy of data and reporting, over-complex methods and tools that do not align with the vision.

By harnessing the power of Cloud, we enable organizations to bring visibility into their project portfolio and manage the resources in a structured and collaborative manner

“At EPMA, we leverage a ‘Just Enough Management’ (JEM) approach, because simplification is what leads to success. At the end of the day, all that really matters is completing projects on-time and on-budget,” asserts Samadi. With JEM, EPMA delivers just enough technology, process, and people to quickly demonstrate value to clients ensuring every dollar invested equates to measurable savings and quantifiable project improvements.

As an example, EPMA partnered with one of the largest oil services companies critically challenged with resources and projects spanning across 12 divisions. Projects failed due to limited awareness of the work being completed or planned and a mismatch of tools being used to track projects. To overcome this, EPMA unified the divisions with a single system, which resulted in better control of their projects and people, while also tying in their ERP system to further track project financial data. Completed in under 12 months, this solution cut their project overruns by 50 percent and saved them over $21M during year one.

Moving forward, “We have invested significantly in enhancing Microsoft PPM and Microsoft SharePoint with more intuitive features, resulting in an improved user experience and easier project management,” states Samadi. With Microsoft PPM being a dominant solution, EPMA intends to compliment it by staying true to its core business philosophy: “Refining projects and simplifying work is at the heart of everything we do,” concludes Samadi.



Michael Samadi, Founder & CEO

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