ISU Corp: Maximizing ROI through a Collaborative Approach

David Mansilla, Founder & CEO
The successful execution of a project is dependent on effective management of every aspect from initial planning to closing of the project. Although the market is overwhelmed with a number of solution providers in the project management space, David Mansilla, Founder and CEO of ISU Corp, believes that products offering a number of features make it complex to use leading to lack of interest among users. “Organizations end up using only 10 percent of the features offered in the software, as they are unaware of the usage and functionalities offered,” says Mansilla. ISU Corp takes away the difficulties in project management by offering a simple and easy to use solution that helps project managers to analyze and prioritize their tasks and projects within their operations.

ISU Corp’s software collaboration management platform, HubLinked has the ability to organize project tasks right from the backlog processes to complete development within a web interface, allowing users to drag and drop tasks from one space to another for easy prioritization. The platform encompasses three different categories— portal hub, mentor hub, and events hub allowing users to keep track of every task happening in each project. “The portal hub allows users to start a conversation, share documents regardless of their location, create blogs, formulate tasks, and attaches information regarding the project,” adds Mansilla. Additionally, the project managers analyze the tasks once they are completed, letting them create necessary plans required to start the project successfully. The Events hub provides timely reminders to the users regarding work events, priorities, and project deadlines in a calendar while the mentor hub consists of all the important internal content of the enterprise organized by their categories.

HubLinked is designed to complement the company’s IS Unified— an enterprise portfolio management system. “We created a simple way to collaborate via HubLinked, allowing all interactions to take place in the cloud,” explains Mansilla. The necessary information for portfolio management is sent to IS Unified for analysis and final reporting.

We created a simple way to collaborate via HubLinked, allowing all interactions to take place in the cloud

Both HubLinked and IS Unified can be operated together or separately as individual tools. Furthermore, the company offers a customized agile scrum development methodology with project estimation capabilities. It estimates the number of sprints required by every project and is integrated with HubLinked.

ISU Corp’s ability to create an environment where team members and project managers can seamlessly communicate on project issues makes it stand apart from the rest. Moreover, the firm’s dexterity lies in creating wireframes to show how the final product will perform even before it is developed. ISU Corp’s stellar capabilities have assisted a number of clients in managing their projects successfully. For instance, M.O.S.T. Software that provides software for billing and automation for contractors wanted to develop a product to automate and coordinate the processes of their contractors. ISU Corp’s HubLinked enabled contractors to bring all the information on their devices to the front end and have a robust system at the back end, allowing the central office to coordinate with them. “We provided the ability to create and assign tasks within their portal and prioritize processes with the help of Events hub,” points out Mansilla. HubLinked enabled contractors to deliver knowledge and information to their suppliers and find out what is coming next in their line of work.

“We focus on injecting new trends into HubLinked, launching new versions every 6-8 weeks,” says Mansilla. The company will incorporate upcoming trends and technologies to their existing capabilities while expanding its footprint in the U.S. and growing its client base in Canada.

ISU Corp

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David Mansilla, Founder & CEO

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