TimeLinx Software, Inc.: Comprehensive CRM-embedded Project and Service Management Solutions

Mark E. Engelberg, CEO
Based in North Andover, MA, TimeLinx provides comprehensive CRM-embedded web and mobile project and service management software solutions.

In today’s project management landscape, efficient engagement between people and projects is the key to delivering “on time, on budget projects”. The overwhelming number of project management tools available that are standalone applications generally lead to subpar outcomes and project inefficiencies. TimeLinx addresses these challenges by embedding its project management system into Infor CRM and Sage CRM platforms with native integration to the customer’s existing ERP system. To improve functionality further, TimeLinx has built a sophisticated and unique Profit Optimization Engine™ to automatically calculate, adjust and maximize service margins. This proprietary system eliminates all rate errors while optimizing profit margins, streamlining the approval process, and eliminating all manual data re-entry.

While effective implementation of project management tools brings operational efficiency, CIOs continue to face daily challenges of spreadsheets and other non-integrated applications to manage, drive and measure their service teams. “TimeLinx tackles these areas with a single CRM-embedded application that integrates every function needed by any services organization including time and expense management, scheduling, resource allocation and much more,” says Mark Engelberg, CEO of TimeLinx Software. Using a ‘front-office’ tool like CRM enables visibility to all the customer information collected throughout the sales process. This real-time visibility throughout the organization, due to the CRM infrastructure, solves the largest problem of all project management, namely, communications and reporting. This seems to occur among all stakeholders within both the customer’s and service provider’s respective organizations. Eliminating the inability to communicate and share information enables project managers to proactively manage every project towards success. Engelberg adds, “Imagine playing baseball without a scoreboard. How does your team know the score?”

“We have integrated all project delivery functions while storing the data within a centralized tool rather than forcing users to search various places (including filing cabinets!) to find information, or to try to manually assemble various reports for management,” says Engelberg.

TimeLinx provides real-time visibility to management enabling project managers to proactively manage successful projects

“Further, we are unique in that we are not a separate application that is synchronizing data between the project management system and the CRM system (even if the interface looks the same to users). Instead, we are actually embedded within the CRM using the same data tables. Without this level of integration, reporting and shared data among teams would be a continuing nightmare.”

By embedding TimeLinx into the existing CRM and enabling transaction synchronization between it and the current ERP system, TimeLinx has also eliminated finance department disruption and retains the existing ERP investment. In addition, it means that re-keying of time and expense data along with detailed notes is unnecessary for billing, accounts payable, job costing, payroll and other functions. To get an invoice out the door for many companies typically takes two-to-three weeks between the approval process and multiple pro-forma invoices with rate and cost corrections and manual re-typing. TimeLinx eliminates that.

The TimeLinx “no-disruption” concept that utilizes existing CRM and ERP systems, the proprietary Profit Optimization Engine, and the full set of service delivery tools are the key differentiating factors that set TimeLinx apart from its competitors. Well-equipped to serve the unique needs of the project management landscape, the company continues to take advantage of the newest web and mobile technologies incorporating multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. The company continues to expand its customer base as more companies in the global Infor and Sage ecosystems become aware of the unique capabilities of the TimeLinx solutions.

TimeLinx Software

North Andover, MA

Mark E. Engelberg, CEO

Provider of comprehensive, end-to-end CRM-based web and mobile project and service management software solutions

TimeLinx Software