Workfront: Re-defining Enterprise Work Management

Alex Shootman, President & CEO
Outlining specific tasks, major milestones, and a timeline for every project can be quite toilsome for the project managers, given the technical hindrances and the multiple stakeholders involved. Enterprise teams today are scouting for project portfolio management (PPM) tools that help them mitigate lost communication and project delays while facilitating real-time, cloud-based collaboration, and workflow for the entire enterprise. Workfront is a provider of cloud-based work and project management solution designed to assist enterprise teams and company leadership across IT and marketing domains. The firm’s flagship offering, Workfront is an online project management software with capabilities to cover the entire work lifecycle, ranging from request to report in a single easily adoptable platform. Eliminating extra work and simplifying tasks that include communication, real-time collaboration, project tracking and reporting, Workfront also improves an organization’s bottom line by removing inefficiencies and clutter.

When it comes to the marketing and in-house creative teams, they want a holistic PPM solution to provide them with an easy-to-use interface for tracking key tasks, time invested, and budgets. With-out bonafide workflows and structures in place, marketing teams succumb to chaos which often surfaces as a lack of productivity, visibility, and collaboration, culminating in low employee morale. A competent PPM solution, Workfront Marketing Work Cloud assists enterprises with adopting agile marketing methodologies for a disciplined approach towards enforcing processes internally and amongst the requestor groups. The solution allows teams and individuals to manage all creative requests with easily accessible pre-defined job specifications that are tied to the workflow. The additional benefits of implementing Workfront include automated versioning processes and online proofing of digital assets, collaboration between internal and external contributors, and tracking of work and metrics visually.

Additionally, Workfront allows production teams to accurately project timelines, track work to deadlines, and gain credibility by consolidating the project information and making it visible to everyone in real-time.

We want to ‘optimize the cubicle’ to fully engage the knowledge workers while cultivating their efficiency and effectiveness

The centralization of work helps in managing the processes in the proper context and eliminates the disconnection between teams allowing them to utilize their time being more productive. This ultimately leads to a better management of production costs and more time to chase down quotes by dedicating the time saved to get into the finer details of a project. Often the implementation teams and other service groups in an organization prefer managing tasks, deadlines, and other work-related issues in one, easy-to-view space. Workfront’s PPM software allows the teams to prioritize the allocation of available resources to current and future projects, balance the workload, maximize their efficiency, and adopt either Agile or Waterfall methodology or a mix of both for project execution.

Powered by a global consulting team, Workfront works with their customers as a strategic partner to come up with the “right plan” for them. One of the instances had the L’OCCITANE Group, a global cosmetics and well being products dealer, leveraging Workfront to improve their service management, budgeting, and IT recharges. The centralized work management solution allowed the customer to gain a better visibility into current projects, minimizing the redundant project requests, improving impacts assessment, and prioritizing tasks. Additionally, L’OCCITANE’s digital marketing department along with their IT department benefitted from using Work¬front to streamline project delivery and improve project visibility.

The firm believes that the possibilities for cloud-based enterprise work management are endless, and as enterprises become increasingly globalized, opportunities abound. “We want to ‘optimize the cubicle’ to fully engage the knowledge workers while cultivating their efficiency and effectiveness,” concludes Alex Shootman, President and CEO, Workfront.


Lehi, UT

Alex Shootman, President & CEO

Provider of online project management software to simplify enterprise-wide communication, project tracking, and reporting with real-time collaboration