Boaz Chalamish, CEO
An established leader in the professional service automation (PSA) landscape, FinancialForce has exceeded market expectations in offering solutions that help modern enterprises to become smart. By providing insight into project details like “who is working on what,” FinancialForce enables proactive project deployments and real-time control of business operations and finance. The company’s PSA solutions offer service management and unprecedented visibility into business operations that help executives to streamline projects across sales, service delivery, and finance. By automating professional service workflows and processes including billing and invoicing, time and expense management, sales collaboration, service handoff, and resource management, FinancialForce is a one-stop-shop for contemporary businesses—delivering project success and profitability.

The company leverages Salesforce’s CRM platform to offer one integrated application that makes use of cloud computing for professional services organizations. The solution facilitates robust collaboration between the sales teams and the service teams through a single dashboard enabling them to communicate in real-time, meanwhile sharing service tasks and related information with each other. This is where the company’s newly appointed CEO, Tod Nielsen—who brings along with him a rich experience of having headed the Salesforce Platform department as its EVP— adds immense on-hands expertise of the sales team’s requirements.

The firm’s social app, Chatter brings Facebook-like collaboration functionality to allow sales and project team members to create project messenger groups and discussion streams. The solution also provides intuitive and futuristic views into availability and resource capacity. Therefore, by offering a single pane of glass to see any project’s status, certifications, resource availability, and project history, FinancialForce assists sales teams in allocating the right professionals for the right projects at the right time—quickly and easily. Further, this approach resolves staffing issues to a large extent and optimizes resource management as all details are stored and accessed from a single location. It also helps consulting managers and the sales departments to reschedule work in a single click.

Chatter brings Facebook-like collaboration functionality to allow sales and project team members to create project messenger groups and discussion streams

To further enhance teamwork and social project management, FinancialForce’s professional service applications are supported on smartphones and other mobile devices— efficiently handling timecards, expenses, and approvals on the go. FinancialForce also houses easy-to-use customer portals and workflow engines to make service management as seamless as possible.

Over the course of its history, the firm has helped many service-centric businesses in achieving operational success. For instance, Revolution Group, a business and technology consulting firm, focusing on manufacturing and ERP, Salesforce CRM, and technology and infrastructure consulting, faced issues with a siloed framework that had no unified visibility into information across the organization. With a primitive system in place, the client incurred operational inefficiencies as handoff from sales to service was challenging. Implementing FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform resolved the bottleneck by essentially placing the entire project information on a single platform from where sales, service delivery, marketing, and finance personnel could work together— completing projects on time. According to Polly Clavijo, Revolution Group’s COO, with FinancialForce and its flexible reporting and dashboarding options, they are able to run analytics in ways that was never thought possible before.

With the professional services landscape being the largest and the fastest growing sector today, enterprises in this particular domain need to embrace automation as their underlying business solution to enhance service delivery lifecycles. With enterprises like FinancialForce constantly working toward the automated direction, clients can relax on their part regarding the herculean task of managing services as even a solution that replaces a single workflow is one big burden less.


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Boaz Chalamish, CEO

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