ISU Corp.: Redefining Project Management with a Social Interface

David Mansilla, CEO
Today, with teams working on multiple projects simultaneously, seamless collaboration, alongside effective time management and prioritization of work take precedence for the success of any particular project. ISU Corp.’s project management software is focused on helping clients avoid expensive delays or, sometimes, conflicts and ensure projects are prioritized and managed efficiently. “Our innovative digital enterprise solution provides benchmark ERP for IT deliverables to companies of all sizes,” says David Mansilla, CEO, ISU Corp.

Two factors stand out in ISU’s innovative solution. The first is the incorporation of agile methodology in IS Unified, as the system is called, making it just right for today’s time and age when speed to market is of the essence.

The second is the social interface called Hublinked, which is eye candy for the staid enterprise market. Hublinked marks the culmination of more than a decade of research and learning experience in information technology, project management and leadership. The private social network is designed to help businesses keep their team engaged, while still allowing them the flexibility to work from anywhere—mentoring, sharing and organizing documents, assigning priorities and viewing messages all in one integrated space.

“Since we began in 2005, we adopted agile and have sought to make it better and faster all the time,” says Mansilla. “We have built the system by setting the Olympic goal: Faster, higher and stronger.”

ISU’s agile methodology is also tightly woven with business, offering a clear value proposition to clients. The company’s system, aligned with, say, agile relief, can estimate the number of sprints necessary in a project, and the likely date when the end product will be delivered.

“All these help clients not only accurately estimate date to market, but also put a dollar number against projects,” adds Mansilla. In addition, constant monitoring ensures a project stays on track and within budgets.

Besides simpler project and task management modules, IS Unified addresses higher level functions such as ITXM, ITSM, ITAM and more.

The purpose of Hublinked is to enable our clients and employees to achieve their maximum potential

Together, the modules create a real unified digital enterprise so essential in today’s global environment. Similarly, the system has a dashboard designed for C-suite executives, allowing them a comprehensive view of all projects and goals.

Mansilla cites a client that approached ISU after it was unable to find a suitable solution in the market. Its challenge: projects would simply not finish on time. ISU executives reviewed the client’s processes and discovered a simple problem: work culture. The firm created a custom workflow management system with tight project management tools using agile methodologies. The result: in three months, the client’s productivity tripled.

ISU’s interface has won a lot of fans but what it has achieved in terms of productivity is far greater. It has raised employee engagement with its eye-catching and functional UI/UX, and global chat feature. So much so, Mansilla says he doesn’t even have to train his staff or that of his clients. “Our interface simply follows social,” he remarks. “It’s most wonderful outcome is, clients are finding it so friendly and easy to use.”

Mansilla says ISU has differentiated itself from its competitors in three distinct ways: its focus on R&D, methodologies and processes; collaboration with industry leaders not only in technology but also management; and creating a culture of respect and recognition for employees. “We empower our employees to achieve their best, and in turn every single employee shows extraordinary commitment,” says Mansilla.

Going into 2017, Mansilla’s top-most goal is to take his system on to mobile platforms such as iOS and Windows, besides other upgrades.

ISU Corp

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David Mansilla, CEO

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