LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.: Integrated Approach to Project Management

Eric Leighton, President & CEO
In today’s complex business scenario, enterprises need an average of five to eight project management applications to wholly manage their projects. Cloud applications are becoming difficult to manage, especially in a hybrid environment that incorporates both in-house and hosting services providers. The increasing complexities create visibility challenges for enterprises that have an extensive network of clients, contractors, and partners. “Whether you are self-managing applications in-house or delegating the function to a hosting provider, such as AWS or Azure, whose door will you knock on for support when confronted with an application breakdown?” says Eric Leighton, President and CEO, LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. Generic hosting service providers may fix the server issues, but they may not possess the requisite knowledge of the enterprise applications infrastructure or the complexities of these applications. This is where LoadSpringTM makes a difference through its state-of-the-art platform and Project expertise.

LoadSpring has been providing cloud-based project management services for nearly two decades when cloud computing was nowhere on the scene. The company today helps enterprises to host and manage a suite of applications and licenses on the cloud that can be controlled through the single sign-on dashboard of its cloud-based platform, the LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM. With an understanding that companies need visibility into the usage, security, and performance of their applications, the firm has enhanced the functionality of its platform by incorporating features such as security status of project portfolio, license management usage, user administration, and support. A consolidated view of the entire project ecosystem from estimating, scheduling, contract management, BIM/CAD and geospatial applications from best of breed applications can be realized by deploying them into a single cloud platform. In contrast with competitors who host different web addresses for multiple applications, the LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM provides one-click access to seamlessly control and manage hundreds of applications, their licenses, and programs. Also, LoadSpring’s clients benefit immensely from its end-to-end support for hardware setup, internal infrastructure, network management, along with application best practices.
“In the event of a technical issue, we immediately report it to the client’s vendors on behalf of them. We also manage and document the tickets and keep them updated,” says Leighton.

Support in the cloud is more complex and a key success factor for us is our front-line support for all technical issues and customer experiences—even taking the responsibility to contact application vendors if it is a software issue.

For Black & Veatch, one of the largest engineering companies in the U.S. with the personnel strength of over 18,000, only LoadSpring has the secret sauce. The client approached LoadSpring with a complicated roster timesheet application software that recorded clock-in and clock-out time of employees. The client needed a unified approach that gives central access to the complicated application and quick support channel in the event of the application’s failure. Black & Veatch could address the challenge with just a phone call or by raising a single support ticket to simultaneously manage multiple potential issues. Having procured the LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM, the client has been able to leverage the support capability to more than 25 cloud-based applications and it continues to add more applications to its portfolio. Eventually, the client achieved flexibility, cost-mitigation, and seamless applications management.

In 2017, LoadSpring introduced a business intelligence feature called LoadSpringInsight. The powerful feature provides companies with insightful reports from their project data across multiple applications and assists companies of all sizes to derive actionable insights from the collected data. LoadSpring has expanded its solution to European countries and continues to grow and receive kudos from a multitude of international clients on LoadSpring support features. With plans to continue to expand their existing solution in PacAsian, LoadSpring has recently expanded its APAC data center in Yokohama, Japan.

LoadSpring Solutions, Inc

Wilmington, MA

Eric Leighton, President & CEO

Helps enterprises to host and manage a suite of applications and licenses on the cloud that can be controlled through the single-window via its LoadSpring Cloud Platform

LoadSpring Solutions, Inc