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David Mansilla, CEO
Organizations realize that collaboration and communication are the most important aspects of any successful project. Because of this, there is a trend in social-enabled project management solutions. ISU Corp, a high-tech company that specializes in project management, offers a platform called Hublinked that was created with a focus on easy collaboration. “Hublinked is our way of leveraging this trend and offering an exceptional solution to a very common problem within teams and businesses. To get ahead of the game, we’re incorporating new AI technology to help predict errors or needs among team members before communication begins to falter,” says David Mansilla, Founder and CEO of ISU Corp.

Adding further Mansilla states that the biggest challenge he has witnessed in the project management field is dealing with employees that work remotely in different parts of the world. Having firsthand experience of the challenge at the company he previously worked for, he was quick to learn how to manage teams that were distributed. In 2005, Mansilla started ISU Corp with the promise that it could connect all of these tremendously capable workers and have them work as though they were in the same office together every day. “The lesson I learned was that an excellent culture among team members was critical in order to bring out the best in them, regardless of where they were at the time. It’s always difficult, and sometimes complicated. However, by using our own solution, Hublinked, it makes the process much easier,” explains Mansilla.

To help its clients in its best possible way, ISU Corp has developed teams that are specialized in specific technologies. The firm has been using a developed agile scrum since 2006 and has also been optimizing the scrum process as often as possible to continue improving and serving its clients better. Mansilla s tates that a lot of time when they get on board for a new project, their clients can see results within the first and second sprint. By doing extensive research and development in the project management tools, the firm improves its processes continually.

Hublinked is now a market leader in project management solutions and is proven to help teams get things done on time and under budget

“Again, Hublinked is a tool that was created from the ground up at ISU Corp with our research and development money, which was generously backed by the Canadian government. As a result, Hublinked is now a market leader in project management solutions and is proven to help teams get things done on time and under budget,” proudly asserts Mansilla.

Moreover, due to its outstanding capabilities and constant polishing of its processes, ISU Corp has garnered a lot of reputation in the project management landscape and has helped many market players in managing their projects successfully. For instance, Labstat Analytics–one of the biggest clients of ISU Corp–was trying to develop their LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for years, but they were not making enough progress, and their project was failing as a result. After some time, they contacted ISU Corp, and the firm did technology assessments, employee assessments; interviewed each person and began to realize where their problems were. “We then applied Hublinked and our scrum methodology, brought in our developer resources to help their local team. Soon Labstat Analytics’ VP of Technology and Science told us that we were able to accomplish more in four months than they could in two years,” notes Mansilla.

ISU Corp has experienced exponential growth in the last 12 months and has also doubled in size as a result. Besides, ISU Corp is also looking into opening an office in New York City, which it is aiming to accomplish by January 2019. “It will help us reach more of the U.S. market and continue growing,” concludes Mansilla.

ISU Corp

Kitchener, ON

David Mansilla, CEO

ISU Corp is a high tech company specializing in enterprise software development and consulting. It is a provider of outstanding, cost-effective software development solutions and services to a wide variety of clients and multiple industries. The company follows an optimized agile scrum methodology to provide project delivery up to 25% faster. They ensure the success of project management and minimize business disruptions related to the software development cycle. It ensures that they can review clients’ while evaluating their business requirements every week to better meet the company's goals and expectations