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Price Howard, President
Organic Growth. Global Management Partners was started by the requests from long-term clients of the principles, established with the single mission in mind, help owners to mitigate their corporate shortcomings in scale capability, staff availability or capital project management. “We are a project management company providing services to support clients throughout the entire project life cycle—strategic planning, execution, start-up, and comprehensive maintenance and management of complex projects and facilities domestically and internationally,” says Price Howard, the President of Global Management Partners (GMP).

At its core, GMP’s services include project concept and feasibility services, project definition and planning services, in-facility site services for small-cap project execution and comprehensive EPCm delivery of large capital projects. The company integrates with owners and investors to “Deliver projects that meet the project objectives with integrated project delivery”, minimizing unnecessary duplicative resources. Further, they utilize due diligence tools such as conceptual evaluations, feasibility studies, risk mitigation, and estimating techniques to determine the optimal execution strategy. This delivers the highest likelihood of achieving investment goals.

Integrating GMP resources with an owner’s project team assures them of top quartile safety performance, budget, and schedule conformance through comprehensive project delivery plans. Through the utilization of company standard reporting structure, the company ensures that project delivery is aligned with owner objectives, ensuring no surprises during the process.

We are a project management company providing services to support clients throughout the entire project life cycle

“By leveraging our experience of assisting owners and contractors combined with years of insider knowledge in project delivery, we ensure owners are abreast of the project at all times….we keep the lights on,” mentions Howard.

Handpicked personnel provide a breadth of subject matter expertise related to capital projects. Utilizing a proven, best practice stage-gate approach, GMP defines project execution plans and strategies for successful project execution. “Our approach baselines the schedule and budget for the project and establishes measurable indicators that are focused on the owners’ objectives,” states Howard. As a result, the company has been able to offer favorable outcomes to multiple clients such as BMW Shenyang, Mitsubishi Film America, South Louisiana Methanol, Fiber Industries, White Mountain Paper, to name a few.

Having carved a unique niche, GMP is focused on providing quality EPCm services and the complementary services. “GMP is growing and expanding its client base, continuing to evolve and keep clients informed of the changing engineering and construction market. It is all about helping to inform, support and grow our clients while developing our employees both professionally and personally,” concludes Howard.

Global Management Partners

Greer, South Carolina

Price Howard, President

Global Management Partners (GMP) is a capital project management company supporting owners and investors to obtain superior results when executing capital projects

Global Management Partners