Southpaw Technology and TACTIC introduction

David Lowe, CEO, Southpaw Technology Inc.
David Lowe, CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Southpaw Technology Inc.</a>

David Lowe, CEO, Southpaw Technology Inc.

TACTIC was created by Toronto based Southpaw Technology 15 years ago and is a dynamic, open-source platform used for building enterprise solutions.

Originally TACTIC was built to handle the complex needs of computer-generated filmmaking and today, TACTIC is used by 1000s of global companies in a wide variety of industry sectors. Southpaw offers commercial software products (all built on TACTIC) as well as professional services, and all levels of support around global TACTIC deployments of all sizes.

Southpaw customers include Adidas, Lockheed Martin, Technicolor, Tegna, and P&G. Regardless of the industry, they all utilize the Southpaw TACTIC product suite to vastly reduce time and effort (resources) to execute ‘jobs’ of many different types.

The TACTIC Platform can be used as a stand-alone software solution on-premise or in a cloud environment (or both). It can also be used as an overall system for integrating microservices into well- defined, cohesive workflows. This is accomplished by integrating with three key components:

1. a core Workflow Engine,

2. a robust Digital Asset Management System, and

3. a Content Management system to provide a complete set of tools to create customized enterprise solutions.

With the core Workflow Engine, TACTIC allows users to optimize their own workflows by building customized data management systems tailored to their specific workflow needs. Workflows are organized through pipelines or process command chains that grant users the ability to define discrete processes within a workflow. The system is modular whereby components can be plugged in or upgraded as needed using a flexible “microservices” architecture.

Many of TACTIC’s DAM processes are automated for ease of use, including file cataloging, versioning, and event triggering. TACTIC automatically names, catalogs, and tracks all files. The work in progress assets (WIP assets) and the finished assets are all organized intuitively using deep metadata commits, so documents (or for that matter any type of asset) are always securely organized and made easily accessible by search.

TACTIC is growing fast in Regulatory Environments

TACTIC is a leading BPM (Business Process Management) Platform.  A BPM platform orchestrates jobs through defined workflows and uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes.

A TACTIC system provides a foundation from which other services either execute ‘on top of’ or ‘interact with’.

TACTIC is a web-based and mature platform that has been used in a wide array of industries providing customized enterprise workflow solutions. An enterprise-level deployment can be modular where components can be plugged in or upgraded as needed using a flexible "microservices" architecture.

Upon initial analysis, Southpaw often finds similarities between customers even in unrelated industries. These often include the desire for:

- A unified platform for the basis of a modular system

- The storage of all files and data using a robust asset management layer

- A workflow engine to manage and qualify information

- The orchestration of various services, both external and internal

- The ability to build and launch services on the unified platform.

Microservice Orchestrator

Microservices are a means of building a modular system by which components can be added as needed. Building a system with microservices enhances the robustness of an entire complex system.

Microservice architecture is an ideal way to build and integrate a scalable and flexible system to solve complex real-world business problems. TACTIC often provides the glue that holds all of the microservices together. It orchestrates when these microservices are needed and what they should be doing. This type of architecture enables continuous delivery and deployment.

TACTIC is a workflow platform where each process node makes use of external services. These typically include software such as Salesforce, Adobe, and Microsoft products such as Office 365. 

Each process is set up to communicate to external or internal microservices. The platform orchestrates the flow of information through various systems. TACTIC itself can also provide microservices as needed. 

Southpaw always recommends that specialized microservices that are better suited to 3rd party platforms be used where appropriate. 

Either way, a deployed TACTIC ensures that all jobs are completed according to specified workflows. In fact, a fully deployed TACTIC Platform can serve as a central foundation for the creation, maintenance, and execution of all workflow in the enterprise operation.